Sunday, October 24, 2010

FREE Bag of World's Best Cat Litter

Download a Worlds Best Cat Litter Desktop

World's Best Cat Litter is offering a FREE 7 lb bag of cat litter through a mail in rebate found here

Have I mentioned that I have a cat with FLUTD? 

What is FLUTD?

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is the veterinary definition for what causes my sweet, charming kitty to urinate in inappropriate on the couch or my bathmat or, on really bad days, on visitor's coats. Lovely. It's a physical inflammatory disease that in lots of male neutered cats (like mine) leads to blocking of the urethra by crystal formed in the bladder. (We did this as well..but that's a longer story for another time...)

What this means is that I may have tried EVERY cat litter on the market trying to encourage Sketch (the inappropriately urinating cat) to actually embrace his litter box as the place to be. After trial upon trial, we have finally settled on Feline Pine but World's Best was a close runner up for me. (I am by no means saying these are the best litters for a cat with FLUTD, just that my cat seemed to prefer them.)

World's Best is made from corn! Isn't that crazy? A nice factor is that it's completely flushable and septic safe. If you are considering changing to a more "eco friendly" cat litter or are just in the market for a new option or a freebie I would most definitely recommend it. I think it was equal to any brand of clay litter in regards to odor control.

   My only complaint was that it was corn based and during the World's Best trial I was fostering a doxie who found it delicious. He was a special kind of pooch.

I digress..

Here's the link to get your rebate form for  FREE 7 lb bag of World's Best Cat Litter

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