Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dingo Rawhide Chew Online Clearance

Dingo Original Rawhide Bone Large
Are you a fan of Dingo brand rawhide chews? I have to admit, we've never tried them but they are having a pretty good clearance sale online right now. The large rawhides (like the one pictured above) are marked down from $5.49 each to $2.75 each and if you really want to stock up you can get a case of Beefy Minis (216 bones) for $84.00 (down from $114.00). Orders over $50.00 ship for free.

We really like chewing in our house. Greenies, rawhides, and CET chews all make an appearance. It's a great activity to help keep teeth clean (I don't give raw bones or real bones...I feel that they are too great of a risk of slab fractures in teeth) and my dogs love to chew. That being said, and I'm sure we all do, make sure to supervise any pet with a chew to avoid a costly trip to a veterinarian for a foreign body removal later.

Go here to check out Dingo's Rawhide clearance!

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