Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How I Save Money Shopping Online for My Pets (Part 1)

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A lot of the deals that I post about are deals that involve online shopping. I've discovered, over time, that if I am patient enough the deals that I really want for my pets often surface on the internet. By combining those deals with some great online services and coupon codes, I often get better prices than I would in the pet stores and the added bonus of the products arriving at the door (plus a box for the cat..you know your cat craves those boxes...it's really like a totally free cat toy delivered every time :) )

As there are multiple ways that I save money and usually a combination of ways for ultimate savings, I've broken them down into a series of posts that I will post over the next several days.

Today I am going to focus on ways that I get a percentage of my spending returned to me (no credit card programs involved).

Cash Back Sites

These sites are amazing! You almost always get a sign up bonus (Right now Ebates is offering you a choice of sign up bonuses that include $10.00 gift cards to Home Depot, Target, Barnes and Noble or a $5.00 cash rebate from Ebates themselves) and then you get a percentage back of anything you purchase. They frequently have coupon codes as well. 

For example, when I register for an account at Ebates right now I can get my sign up bonus plus cash back from shopping at Dog.com PLUS they have a coupon code for me to take 10% off my order at Dog.com. All of these combine cover the cost of my $5.99 flat rate shipping that Dog.com almost always offers so I used it to stock up on clearance toys and treats. Once you have an accout with Ebates, they will mail you a check of your cash back or deposit it into a Paypal account for you.

You can sign up for an Ebates account here.

Mr. Rebates will give you a $5.00 referral bonus and you get cash back at Horse.com (and all sister sites), Petco, Petsmart, Three Dog Bakery (You could combine this with their awesome sale right now and really come out ahead!) and more.

You can sign up for a Mr. Rebates account here.

The cash back service I utilize is actually called Cashbaq  (I know..how will you ever remember that one?). Cashbaq also offers the initial $5.00 sign up bonus and you can get back 5-6% from birdcages.com, dogkennels.com, catsplay.com and more.

You can sign up for a Casbaq account here.

I have received either a check by mail or a Paypal deposit (they let you choose which you prefer) from all three of these companies and they have all come in a timely manner. My first recommendation would be to take advantage of the sign up bonus with each one before picking a favorite (it's at least $5.00 back on three separate purchases!)

Stay tuned for more ways I save money shopping online for my pets...

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