Friday, November 26, 2010

More Black Friday Amazon Pet Deals!

Andis All-In-One 16-Piece Groomer Kit and Power De-Shedder+

Amazon is offering these Andis Clippers along with clipper covers, carrying case, and the de-shedder tool (their version of the Furminator) for $33.99 (down from $69.99) as part of their Black Friday Promotions.

I am not a talented groomer by any means. However, I have this pair of clippers and I love it for quick trims of my golden's ears, feet, and feathers (the long hair on her belly). It saves me time and money to be able to address a mat before it becomes an issue. (Did you know you are NEVER supposed to cut a mat out with scissors? Apparently, vets are constantly seeing animals that need to be sutured because a well intentioned owner clipped right through their skin trying to remove a mat with scissors!) These also work wonders on long haired cats!

Go here to check out the Andis Clippers Deal!

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