Wednesday, November 10, 2010

theFoundary: Teafco Pet Carriers and possible $50.00 off!

I wouldn't necessarily call this deal the best one in the world if it wasn't for one thing. theFoundary is a fairly new daily deal site that offers you $1.00 for every person that simply signs up from your referral, up to $50.00! Then you get $25.00 if they make a purchase!

These Teafco Pet Carriers normally retail for over $100.00 and there are many for sale at $52.00. So, if you could get even 20-25 people to sign up (think Facebook friends, Twitter, email contact list) you get a heck of a price.

Go here to check out the Teafco Carriers and sign up for your Foundary account!

Yes, that's my referral link above. I use some of my credits from these to offer fun prizes and giveaways. If you don't want to sign up under my link, that's fine too!

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