Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amazon: Gentle Leaders on Sale!

Premier Gentle Leader Head Dog Collar

As I'm sure you've gathered from my ranting about Nature's Miracle and Kong products, I tend to search for sales on products that I have used and truly believe are something that pet owners can't live without. Here's another one: Gentle Leader Dog Head Collars by Premier. These things are amazing. I'm not a fan of choke chains or pinch collars because they simple never seemed to give me the control that I was looking for. I had a young golden (who's now an old golden...) and she was a pulling, gagging mess on the leash. I swear this head collar was a downright miracle. The key is to actually watch the video that comes with it to use it properly and not being deterred by the first few minutes in which your dog is maniacally rolling around like an alien is trying to eat their face..(I actually found that part mildly that bad?)

Seriously though, if you have a puller or are just starting out with leash training you should invest in a Gentle Leader. I'm also starting to see behaviorists and trainers using these to gain control with dogs that have aggression or behavioral issues. 

The best part? Amazon has these on sale right now! I rarely, if ever, see a Gentle Leader for less than $20-$25. Right now, Amazon has them marked down to all under $20.00 with the petite size being only $10.78

It will be worth every penny!

Go here to check out the Gentle Leader sale on Amazon.

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